Resumes and Cover Letters that Scream "Hey, I'm Your Person!"

The job markets are tough these days, but that doesn't mean you can't get noticed.

Whether you're applying for a job, school program or even changing careers, I've got you covered.

I specialize in helping people who are just starting out or transitioning careers. I see your resume and cover letter as marketing tools that will help you put your best assets forward.

Just because you haven't worked in your desired field or position before doesn't mean you're not qualified. I will work with you and get to know your story, personality and past experiences to craft a resume or cover letter specific to the job or program you wish to apply to, or field/career you wish to transition to. Bonus, they are nicely designed with colors and images so that they get noticed.

As someone who has worked in a recruitment agency and spent a lot of time applying to jobs myself, I also offer career and job search/application coaching sessions; these help steer you in the right career directions and give you tips on how to find and apply for jobs the modern way.

Are you ready to land your dream job? Go ahead and book a service, a call or get in touch with any questions - you'll get an email from me within a few hours, depending on how far my time zone is from yours!

white printer paper on macbook pro
white printer paper on macbook pro

Services & Pricing

Career Coaching

Want a career change or find yourself back on the job market not knowing what types of jobs you should be looking and applying for?

A career coaching session will bring you some clarity as to which direction you should be going into next. My coaching sessions usually include a visualization or journaling exercises to uncover your true passions.

$150 (1 hour)

Job Search Coaching

$150 (1 hour)

A one-hour online session in which we'll discuss your specific job-searching goals and look at the best ways to find and apply to your ideal job. Comes with a job-search handbook that I'll personalize for you, with site recommendations, tips and ways to stay consistent during your job search journey.

Resume / Cover letter revamp

$150 (one) $250 (both)

We'll meet for a session online to talk about your goals and needs. Then I'll re-write and re-design your resume and/or cover letter so that they:

  • Match your personality and style

  • Tell your story

  • Highlight your best assets and skills

  • Stand out from the crowd

AI Scanner-Friendly Resume


Many companies, particularly big corporations, are starting to use AI scanners to pre-screen resumes before actually reading them. It takes a specific type of resume with the right keywords to pass this screening. If you are applying to a specific position at a company that uses an AI scanner, I'd be happy to research the position and craft the right resume so that it passes the AI screening.

LinkedIn Revamp


When job hunting, your online presence is crucial.

Most of the job offers I've gotten came from LinkedIn - when I wasn't even looking for jobs!

We'll optimize your LinkedIn profile so that it's searchable and showcases your best experiences and abilities.

white and black laptop
white and black laptop

Not sure what you need?

If you have other questions or need help with something not listed here, let's talk! I'm always here to listen and see if I can help you with anything.

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Kimberley was amazing to work with in getting my resume up to date and looking amazing. We had a conversation where she got to know me and my qualifications a little bit better. My updated resume and cover letter landed me multiple job offers - 4 in total! Thank you Kimberley for working with me. Highly recommend her!

- Morgan Benedictson

Kim helped me prepare my resume and cover letter and explained how to tailor them to fit each job description. She prepared 2 different resumes, one for AI resume scanners and a beautiful one for applying directly via email. Kim listened to my concerns and was always ready to find solutions for me and reassure me on the correct approach for applying for jobs. Thank you Kim for your continued support in helping me find my ideal employer.

- Melissa De Masi

You heard it from them!

Here's what people say about their experience working with me

I truly recommend Kimberley, she is awesome. She re-did my entire CV and we also did a job search coaching session. I did find a really good paying job! Not only is she thorough and very helpful, she makes you feel at ease upon the first meeting. She is also a super nice person. I recommend her whole heartedly.

You won’t be disappointed.”

- Isabelle Rozycki